Our Dedicated Team

Our experts are trained to find the best windows and doors for every part of your house.

jayden kuik

Our fearless leader—Jayden Kuik. Founding the company with his Business Partner Peter, Jay has been carefully creating and developing a first-class character team. Jay’s “Service with a Smile” catchphrase means just as much to us today as it did to him in the beginning. Jay’s genuine love for his customers and employees is truly unmatched, as he’ll always make time for you, no matter his workload. When Jayden’s not too occupied with Legacy, he can be found with his wife and seven young kids, or investing in and building the new generation of leaders. While playing hockey is still a passion of his, we’re incredibly thankful his leadership skills are better than his hockey game!

Jayden Kuik


peter vanbrederode

Meet Peter, one of our founding partners and the engine behind what we do here! Pete is an implement and process machine and we are thankful for it. He is the self confessed Legacy fashion king and is never shy about providing his feedback on our team’s office attire. He’s a CrossFit extraordinaire and can squat a small car so we are thankful he’s on our side! Pete’s heavily involved on the School Board of his local Christian School, and outside of that can be found enjoying time with his wife Lindsay and their three kids, sampling double IPA’s, and devouring a good book!

Peter VanBrederode


Meet Alex, our in-house master of everything! Alex is in charge of our field teams and is our resident remeasure master. He’s the fearless leader of our installation teams—and a solution-focused resource to everyone. If you don’t see him on site assisting the team, you may spot him on the local mountains rescuing stranded hikers by helicopter on one of the Fraser Valleys Search and Rescue Teams! Alex’s personal time is filled with his two young, energetic boys and his wife Ang.

Alex Slootweg


kyle hoogstra

Meet Kyle, the oldest Hoogstra brother of the bunch, and one of our very talented project consultants! Kyle’s high energy and passionate approach to his craft has helped many homeowners over the years find the right window and door solution for their homes. Kyle has a heart to help people in all areas of his life. He is actively involved in our vision team and helping set the direction for Legacy’s next chapter of growth. When he’s looking to unwind from his time at the office, you’ll either find him shooting hoops at a local gym, hosting friends for a nice steak and shrimp dinner, or hanging out with his one and only, Makenna!

Kyle Hoogstra


rob kuik

Who doesn’t love that smile or that mustache? We know his builders and contractors do! Rob’s quite a talent—he’s done everything in the window world from starting as a service tech, moving on to a master foreman early in his career, and now working as one of our valued project consultants. Rob’s got an eye for the little details, and absolutely nothing gets by this guy. He’s the middle Kuik brother, but we can confidently say he’s got the best facial hair of the bunch. Rob is married to his wife Shanay and they have two big dogs that keep them active and engaged!

Rob Kuik


Meet Connie! Connie is the life of the office and everyone’s go-to gal. She’s got big energy, quick to offer to help and loves to support our office and sales team in all aspects of their day to day lives. Connie helps run all of our internal events—she is an all for the team kind of lady and we are thankful to have her! Connie is married to Allan, and they have three awesome daughters together.

Connie Boeve


This is Ethan

Ethan Faber


This is Sam

Sam Throness


Meet our seasoned veteran, Bert! Father of all three Kuik brothers—and the unfortunate reason why all the Kuik brothers lost their hair in their early 20’s! Bert’s friendly and genuine love for people shines through in every interaction he carries out. He’s got a great design eye and is always willing to go the extra mile. When he’s not showing off his old school work ethic to the younger generation, Bert’s time can be filled with long romantic walks on the beach with his dear wife hand in hand (right Bert?) or wrestling one of his 9 grandkids—or his middle son Rob.

Bert Kuik


Here’s Jacob, our 6’6’’ giant that his peers affectionately call the “golden child”. Jacob has a built-in eye for detail, and a get-it-done kind of attitude while he oversees most of the installation details around our architectural division. Jacob has ice in his veins and is known for his calm, collected, and efficient focus on getting the job done!Jacob’s a newlywed and his bride, Emily, keeps him active—they enjoy getting out in nature and hiking together!

Jacob Hoogstra


Nothing can stop this guy! Dyl’s been in the window industry his whole career and has championed a wide variety of roles for our team over the years. Right now he’s using his bag of tricks and skills on our installation teams to provide some veteran experience as one of our senior site foreman. One of Dylan’s secret talents involves being a freshwater fish wizard! Dylan’s the youngest of the Kuik brothers, but is by far the biggest and strongest of the bunch! Dyl’s strong on-site coaching ability, unmatched work ethic, and dedication to the team has been a huge encouragement to us all.

Dylan Kuik


Say hi to Jaxon! Jax is a real “home grown” talent. He’s been with us since the ripe age of 15 where his first role was painting trim for us—now look at him go! Jaxon has a high attention to detail and a resolve to get everything done exactly right. Jax is quite a hockey fan, whether it’s watching the Canucks lose another game with his wife Dana and calling it “bonding time” or playing in a couple different leagues. He’s particularly known for his top shelf finish—he brings results—no different than what he delivers on the job site!

Jaxon Schouten


Meet Derek! Derek’s the type of guy that everyone wants as a friend—so get in line! He’s fiercely loyal, an amazing teammate, and treats his clients like family. We are thankful that Derek’s skill at installing windows and doors far surpasses his hockey skills, as he’s got a ton of hustle on the ice (but not a lot of finish there). Derek’s wife, Rachel, and young daughter fill his time outside of the job site. Derek’s got mean skills on the piano, so if you have one, ask him to play a piece and watch those keys burn!

Derek Bulthuis


shane hoogstra

Say hello to Shane! Shane’s vibrant, warm disposition and positive attitude is infectious to the whole team. Never without a smile on his face, Shane’s quick with a joke and a hand through his hair! Shane’s a seasoned lead hand and has extensive experience in both exterior siding replacement and window/door replacement. When he’s not helping clients, Shane can be found hanging out with friends, enjoying time with his brothers, or investing his summer vacation in Stepping Stones Bible Camp with the code name Tanto.

Shane Hoogstra


lincoln louwerse

Our dear friend Linc! Everyone needs a friendly neighborhood Lincoln on their team. He’s always laughing and ready to have a good time. Linc fills his time with helping share our projects to the world through his social media game and marketing prowl. Linc also works on our inside sales team helping customers navigate their needs and pair them with the right solution for their projects. He’s a big gym guy and likes to climb tall things in his spare time—much to his mothers dismay!

Lincoln Louwerse


Introducing Brennan! Brennan’s quick with a laugh and always happy to chat. Brennan’s love for people and love for music makes him a valued teammate. Fun fact—find “Breni” on Spotify and check out his music—he’s a weekend warrior who loves creating calming masterpieces to be enjoyed by all!

Brennan Sawatazky


Meet our resident jazz lover, Cody! Cody’s built like an ox but has the softness of a kitten. He’s a great teammate, always willing to help and serve others. Cody is one of our experienced lead hands, and when he’s not installing excellent windows or doors, you can see him recording the job site with his drone—taking action shots for future social media posts! He’s the best dressed man of the bunch, and arguably boasts the best hair.

Cody Huttema


matt vanwoudenberg

Matt’s never short of a smile and a “let’s do it” attitude. He’s a great teammate and quick to volunteer to help anyone. He’s got a mean frisbee golf game, so be careful if you challenge him to a match! Matt’s a great uncle to his handful of nephews and nieces. In his spare time you’ll see him helping out with Young Peoples in his local church, or happily enjoying some weekend BBQ with friends!

Matt VanWoudenberg


Meet Ethan! Don’t let his quiet disposition fool you—there is a lot that goes on behind his calm exterior. Ethan’s a fun-loving and caring teammate with a big desire to grow and learn. In his spare time, Ethan loves to hang out with his close friends and family and invest into building meaningful relationships.

Ethan VanWoudenberg


Meet Micah! Micah’s fun loving and energetic personality is well loved by all. He’s a master solutions guy and keeps a smile on his face while working through whatever on-site opportunity pops up. One of his big passions is being the main events organizer for Stepping Stones Bible Camp—and we’re confident in saying that the kids can’t match his energy! Micah comes from a family of 13 kids, so winning as a team is something he’s quite a veteran at.

Micah VanDelft


jordan krabbendam

Here is Jordan! Jordan’s got a quiet confidence and a direct approach—he’s a result focused man but loves to laugh and learn. He’s an avid reader and is always investing his time into things that help him grow. Being such an academic, he’s remarkably skilled with his hands. In Jordan’s spare time, you can probably find him hitting up the courts and dunking on some high school kids (yes, you still got it Jord).

Jordan Krabbendam


Say hello to Allan! Allan’s a farm boy through and through, having grown up on the Matsqui flats. He brings that level of hard work and dedication to all projects he’s involved in—and his get-it-done and never quit attitude is a motivator to everyone on the team. Allan is married to Connie and has three wonderful young ladies that call him Dad!

Allan Boeve


Meet Ryan! This guy’s got too many nicknames to count—Big Diesel, Rhyno, the gentle giant—and the list goes on. Who needs a forklift when you have Ryan on your team? Ryan loves people and loves helping others. Nothing gets him more excited than building relationships, having fun with his clients, and adding value to the projects he’s on. Boasting one of the best mustaches in the company, Ryan is loved by his peers and everyone who gets to welcome him into their homes!

Ryan Hoogstra