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Door Styles

Entrance Doors View Gallery

Used in many different applications around the home, entrance doors provide a high level of versatility for sizing, style, and function. They can be a new front door that instantly boosts your curb appeal, or just a simple side door that leads into your garage or back of your home. With so many different textures, styles, finishes and hardware options to select, custom building a door to your preferences and needs has never been easier. Whether you are looking for beautiful glass, privacy, wood grain, modern—there’s an entrance door for you.

Folding Doors View Gallery
Sliding Patio Doors View Gallery

Sliding Patio Doors are extremely popular due to their versatility, design options, and ease of use. They come in 2, 3, and 4 panel configurations so are a great option whether it’s a simple 6ft opening or a 16ft opening.  The sliding panels provide an efficient use of space versus swinging doors, and can often be a smart design choice to maximize indoor/outdoor space. Their design is very user friendly and durable; providing years of smooth operation even for high traffic areas. New technology now allows sliding doors to push the boundaries of sizing and energy efficiency which can be a great fit for many projects.

Also known as bifolding doors or accordion doors, folding doors slide away to provide huge clear openings for entertaining and enjoying the view. When open, these moving glass walls fold up to beautifully frame your outdoor view. When closed, they create a stately wall of light. They’re available in aluminum, vinyl, and wood clad options.

Multislide Doors View Gallery

Multislide doors are a favourite among architects. Featuring three or more panels, they slide open easily and stack neatly beside each other or can even be pocketed right into the wall. These large panels can create extremely wide openings to enhance your living space and can be configured to slide all one direction or bi-part in the middle.

Lift and Slide Doors View Gallery

The lift and slide door is perfect for extra large openings to offer unobstructed views, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and abundant natural light—all without compromising easy operation, security, and high performance. A simple turn of the large handle quietly disengages the secure locking mechanism and gently lifts the door. Then a light touch activates our innovative sliding technology to effortlessly open the door. Energy Efficient Lift and slide doors provide maximum performance ratings for homes that need to meet stringent energy requirements.

French Doors View Gallery
Pivot Doors View Gallery

The pivot door is designed for large, spectacular openings, including entranceways. The door rotates on a pivot box in the floor and the top jamb rather than traditional door side hinges. These doors are ideal for true design lovers—they feature large panels, have a bold contemporary vibe, and create unique opening architectures.

French Doors, (also known as “double doors”), are a pair of hinged slabs that can either be built as outswing or inswing configurations and are often situated in the back of homes to access a patio or covered deck. When both panels are open, they provide a maximum clear opening to bring the outdoors in. In early architecture, French doors were often constructed from wood using traditional joinery techniques. The thickness and proportions of the stiles and rails give it a very distinct look. Nowadays, French Doors can come in a variety of materials including fiberglass, wood, vinyl, aluminum and different panel designs are suitable for both traditional architectures as well as more modern styles.

Door Materials

Vinyl doors have been extremely popular in sliding door applications for years. Newer designs offer high performance vinyl swing doors that are perfect for areas with harsh weather conditions. Vinyl doors can come in one, two, three, and four panel designs to suit many different applications.

Fiberglass View Gallery

Fiberglass doors come in both extruded fiberglass options as well as more traditional fiberglass skin swing doors. Fiberglass skin doors have the capability to look like wood, be tough like steel, and be incredibly energy efficient as fiberglass is a natural insulator.

Aluminum View Gallery

Aluminum doors are typically used for large architectural openings. They are most commonly used with huge sliding or folding door styles, but also come in beautiful swinging door options as well.

Wood Clad View Gallery

Wood clad doors give the durability of aluminum with warmth of real wood in the interior. Wood clad doors come in all types—swing doors, sliding doors, and folding doors.

Full Wood View Gallery

Handcrafted wood doors provide unlimited design and style options. Full wood doors are typically used in covered entrances as a beautiful statement piece for your home, where they can showcase the defined details of the panels and traditional stile and rail joinery.